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The Heian period to imported many ideas and conventions from China. This marked the flowering of Japanese ideals of beauty, from Cherry Blossom Viewing Festivals to poetic conventions. It imported Confucian ideals, Chinese writing conventions, Chinese literature, and many other cultural imports that would take on a distinct Japanese flavor. Buddhism also spread throughout Japan. During this time, the Fujiwara clan held the power behind the Imperial Throne. The Heian period also marked, at least among the nobility, a shift in sexual politics.
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Same-sex marriages? Japan's been there, done that, kind of

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Same-sex marriages? Japan's been there, done that, kind of | The Japan Times

The troop fissions which occurred in a wild population of Japanese monkeys Macaca fuscata yakui were observed from to on Yakushima Island. The fissions were initiated in the breeding season by non-troop males who established a consort relation with estrous females. In order to analyze the socio-sexual factors which accelerated the fissions, the male emigrations and immigrations before and after two successive fissions, and the copulation frequencies, competition among males and preferences of mating partners in both sexes in the —78 breeding season after the first fission were examined. The results indicated that three factors a large number of non-troop males, a shortage of troop males and the females' choice of mating partners effectively influenced on the establishment of consort relationships between non-troop males and estrous females. It is suggested that these factors may exert different effects on the troop disorganization in relation to troop size. In small-sized troops, a large number of non-troop males and a shortage of troop males may lead to stronger competition between them, and the females' choice affected by prolonged intimate relations with the dominant TMs may reduce their priority of access to estrous females.
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Heian Period Sexual Politics, Marriage, and Sex

In this paper we present the results of a behavioral experiment conducted to test whether homosexual consortships and sexual solicitations among female Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata increase in the context of operational sex ratios that are heavily skewed towards females. The study involved a baseline period of observation on an intact social group which had a female-biased sex ratio typical of this species. During the experimental period which followed, we created a sub-group with an operational sex ratio that was heavily skewed towards females. Compared to the baseline period, females solicited significantly more same-sex individuals for sex and formed significantly more homosexual consortships during the experimental period of the study.
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To enjoy our content, please include The Japan Times on your ad-blocker's list of approved sites. Japan may come off as a repressive, depressing society where people live sorry, unhappy lives well into their 90s. OK, we might seem that way to the outsider, but in actual fact Japan has consistently been liberal and permissive in certain areas. Take homosexuality. Kohei has a point.
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