Giraffe vagina

Tissue adaptations to gravitational stress - Newborn versus adult giraffes. Preliminary results on developmental alterations in load-bearing tissues of newborn and adult giraffes are presented. Attention is focused on vascular wall thickness in relation to local blood pressure, and on meniscal adaptations to increased load bearing in the developing giraffe. It is believed that the developing giraffe provides an excellent model for investigations of adaptive mechanisms of increased weight bearing.
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You guys, giraffe births are horrifying. Look away.

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Kangaroos Have Three Vaginas

Giraffes are similar to horses, donkeys and mules in their mating method. When the female is receptive and ready to mate, she stands still and allows the male to approach her. He mounts her from the rear, with both female and male facing in the same direction, and inserts his penis into her vagina. When mating ends, he withdraws and backs away. The timing of mating is wholly dependent on when the female is ready and willing. The female reproductive cycle doesn't have any relationship to season — so the species can mate at any time of year.
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How Do Giraffes Mate?

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Picture this: a pair of sharp hooves and a giant head covered in slimy goop force themselves, almost in slow motion, out of the most delicate part of a giraffe. Is that something you really want to see? Some have even speculated that she's not pregnant at all, and this is all an elaborate troll.
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